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Norti Nutrition to launch Probiotic Chocolate Bars

26 August 2019 | News

Norti is poised to impress this September 22nd through September 26th at the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing Conference, Vitamin, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition & Hemp Solutions Program

Pioneer healthy Australian chocolate brand, Norti Nutrition, is gearing up for the September Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Conference in Orlando, Florida. The ECRM conference is a specialized industry event where up and coming brands are able to showcase their products to a variety of retailers and get their products sold in stores across the United States.

Norti already has enjoyed two successful runs at ECRM, making a splash in the U.S. market earlier this year with their brand of healthy and delicious chocolate bars that are incredible for gut health. September's Program, Vitamin, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition & Hemp Solutions Program is the perfect spotlight for Norti, as their chocolate is famously packed with nine grams of pure hemp protein, as well as pre and prebiotics, digestive enzymes, amino acids and L-Glutamine to promote gut health.

Since Norti's bars are free of common allergens and animal products, they are suitable for just about any diet, which has been a major selling point at past ECRM conferences. They are gluten free, dairy free, vegan, low calorie, low carb, contain no processed sugars and are Keto-friendly.

Beyond the incredible health attributes, Norti Nutrition has perfected the recipe and made these bars decadently delicious.  "That's the best part," says Norti's Greg Lane, "They taste just like your favorite chocolate bar.  The market is quickly realizing that the Norti bars are indeed the healthiest and most delicious nutrition bar in the world.  They truly are revolutionary, disruptive products in the nutritional food space."

Prior to Norti's launch into the health and wellness community, the options for edible pre and probiotics have been limited to fermented beverages, yogurt, or vitamin style pills, so a bar of decadent chocolate is beyond compelling by comparison.  The taste has been perfected by avoiding white sugar and other less than desirable sugar substitutes.  Norti sweetens its chocolate with monk fruit juice and the highest quality xylitol, which is derived exclusively from birch bark and is non-GMO.  

Norti will attend ECRM with their three signature bars, all of which have the taste and texture of a high end chocolate bar:

The Norti Performance Bar, a powerhouse for gut health, containing pre and probiotics, all three of the key digestive enzymes, amino acids, L-Glutamine, as well as nine grams of hemp protein per serving.

The Norti Low-Carb Bar, designed to be keto friendly while retaining all the same healthy gut bacteria, to maximize the extraction of vitamins and nutrients from food.

Norti Monster Bites, a snackable version of the Performance Bar, geared towards children. All the good stuff, but in a lunchbox ready size.


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