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13 December 2018 | News | By NFS Correspondent

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Most contaminants are invisible to the naked eye. Micro-organisms are fairly small, they pose a severe threat to the safety of consumers. Every year, several hundred products have to be recalled, resulting in financial and image losses.


Visual inspection is not an adequate critical control for surface hygiene and the lengthy time-to-result of microbiological test methods (from 2 - 7 days) make them ineffective for hygiene monitoring.


Opinion leaders consider the detection of ATP a tried and tested method for cleanliness control according to the HACCP concept applied widely in the food industry.


ATP is a molecule that is found in all living cells, including: bacteria, yeast, mold and all organic matter. After cleaning and/or sanitizing, food processing equipment and the plant environment is tested for ATP.


ATP detection through bioluminescence is a well-established and widely used indicator of surface hygiene and cleaning efficacy in food processing. It also provides results in 10 seconds allowing for immediate "go/no-go" decisions to be made prior to the start of processing and allows for correction actions, when necessary, to be taken immediately. If cleaning/sanitizing has been effective, ATP levels should be low.


The MVP ICON® is an instrument and software platform that combines HACCP and hygiene monitoring with powerful program management capabilities.


The MVP ICON® system allows you to monitor key HACCP parameters, reducing the need for multiple instruments. Available measurements include: 

  • ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate)
  • Chemical Concentration (ppm)
  • Conductivity (µS)
  • pH
  • Temperature
Advanced, Breakthrough Technology

The MVP ICON® is the first system to provide true HACCP management capabilities. Featuring advanced photon counting sensor (PCS) technology, the MVP ICON® provides superior accuracy, sensitivity, and reproducibility for ATP, pH, temperature, conductivity, and concentration. The innovative design is sleek, lightweight and features an easy to use touch-screen interface.


Hands-Off Dashboard Data Management & Tracking

The ICON Dashboard software displays key performance metrics at-a-glance, allowing Quality Assurance managers to instantly determine if sanitation standard operating procedures (SSOPs) are being followed and are effective. Dashboard data is updated in real-time after results are sync’d. And a wide selection of print-ready reports, including Action, Trending, HACCP, and Raw Data, allow you to generate necessary documentation in seconds


Ensure Sanitation Programs are Followed Appropriately

This unique and powerful software also provides direct visibility into how well the Quality Assurance staff is implementing and maintaining the HACCP monitoring program. By tracking quality indicators, such as number of swabs used, calibration and verification records for each instrument, and re-test compliance for failed test points, QA managers can ensure their sanitation program is being properly and safely managed.

Reduce Time Preparing for Audits

The MVP ICON® Dashboard software also features innovative print-and-present HACCP reports. These reports are customized to each company’s HACCP program requirements to help demonstrate the program is adequately and effectively followed. Print-and-present reports are generated with a click of a button and reduce the amount of time spent preparing for audits.



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