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Norti Nutrition makes Keto Friendly Probiotic Chocolate Bar

26 July 2019 | News

Norti's probiotic chocolate bars are also available with fewer carbohydrates for anyone keeping a low-carb diet

Known for their out of the box, good-for-you chocolate bars, Australian health and wellness brand, Norti Nutrition has been winning over the American market with taste and innovation

Norti's flagship product, The Norti Performance Barhas been a big seller for its novelty in the health food world; a gluten free, low sugar, bar of chocolate that boasts pre and probiotic qualities - all while still tasting like a bar of chocolate.

Norti's spokesperson, Greg Lane, says they like to think of themselves as a "cheeky" company - making products for people who want to have their chocolate and eat it too.

"We want to do away with the idea that health food can't be decadent. Of course we want people to appreciate that our product helps maintain healthy gut bacteria, we want people to appreciate that we're all gluten free, low glycemic, and nonGMO, but really we feel our target market is simply anyone who loves chocolate!"

The Low Carb bars take Norti's "chocolate for all" mission a step further, with a great tasting chocolate bar containing pre and probiotics for healthy digestion, all with 18g of total carbs.

Greg Lane says, "The unique thing about our Low Carb Bar is that it doesn't taste gritty or processed like other health bars do, it's very smooth, as a chocolate bar should be."

Norti's Low Carb Bar utilizes monk fruit juice sweeter, and specially sourced, high quality birch tree bark derived xylitol, to keep the sugar count low. "There are actually different grades of xylitol," explains Lane. "We only use the highest possible grade of xylitol from birch bark - not from GMO corn." Xylitol is a common sweetener, popular in the low-carb world for its low glycemic count - but when it comes to xylitol for culinary use, source matters. Norti chose higher-than-food-grade birch bark xylitol, despite the higher cost, because it interacts in a beneficial way with the soil based probiotics used to fortify their chocolate. 

Keeping gut bacteria healthy and happy is big on Norti's to-do list, so they made sure to leave white sugar out of the mix when making their chocolate, as it has been known to wreak havoc on the gut environment, or microbiome. A thriving microbiome plays an integral role in so many important bodily functions, like regulating mental and emotional well-being by producing 90% of the body's serotonin.



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