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  • Eating Disorders and their impact on our Kidneys

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Dr Haresh Dodeja | 0 Comment | 07 May, 2019

    Eating disorders are often conceptualized as a result of lifestyle related facts; however they are serious, fatal illnesses that cause distress and impact the overall healt...Read more

  • A pinch of salt, literally, for a healthier kidney

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Pavithra N Raj | 0 Comment | 29 Apr, 2019

    The most basic ingredient of our survival necessity, food, is the pinch of salt we add in all our dishes. The sprinkle of those tiny white cubicles that rejoices our taste ...Read more

  • Singapore evolving as a food & nutrition hub

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Dr. Ralph Graichen | 0 Comment | 26 Apr, 2019

    Growing Up in Singapore Towards healthy Outcomes (GUSTO) started in Oct 2008 as Singapore’s first and most comprehensive birth cohort study, aimed at improving health...Read more

  • The importance of Micronutrients for Good Health

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Dr. Abizer Manked | 0 Comment | 06 Apr, 2019

    Micronutrients are known to be a major nutrient group that the human body requires.  They include Vitamins –Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E...Read more

  • Sunshine Vitamin is important for the bones!

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Vipul Jain | 0 Comment | 28 Mar, 2019

    Vitamin D for Bones-It is no more a surprise that a vitamin deficiency can be fulfilled by just standing under natural sunlight? Yes the best way to counter widespread vita...Read more

  • Traditional cooking an upcoming trend in 2019: Godrej Group

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 06 Feb, 2019

    Godrej Group unveiled the Food Trends Report - 2019 at their annual brand agnostic lifestyle soiree - L’Affaire 2019 recently at The Trees, Vikhroli. Godrej Group cha...Read more

  • VP hands out AICTE-ECI-ISTE Chhatra Vishwakarma & AICTE-SAGY Initiative awards

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 23 Jan, 2019

    Vice President of India, Venkaiah Naidu recently addressed the presentation ceremony of AICTE-ECI-ISTE Chhatra Vishwakarma Awards and AICTE- SAGY Initiative awards in New D...Read more

  • Chromatographic techniques to build quality and support content claims

    Opinion |  Other | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 05 Jul, 2017

    Dr DBA Narayana CSO Ayurvidye Trust, Bengaluru   The future of packaged food industry offers umpteen innovation possibilities due to more and more clarity emerging from ...Read more

  • The opposite way?

    Opinion |  Column | By Milind Kokje | 0 Comment | 22 Jun, 2017

    Online retail giant’s announcement to acquire another big enterprise in traditional brick & mortar business, retail grocery store chain Whole foods Inc...Read more

  • Amazon to invest $515 mn in food retail

    Opinion |  News | By NFS Correspondent | 0 Comment | 20 Apr, 2017

    India's online food delivery market, comprising aggregators and internet kitchens, grew at 150 per cent in 2016 with an estimated GMV of USD 300 million, despite low invest...Read more

  • MORINGA Olifera finds a place in Indian Cuisine

    Opinion |  Column | By Manjiri Chunekar | 0 Comment | 03 Mar, 2017

    NutriValue started its journey eleven years ago, with a view to present to the consumer,  healthy food options, which combine traditional Indian wisdom in Nutrition wi...Read more

  • Traditional Food Board - A Necessity for India

    Opinion |  News | By Milind Kokje | 2 Comment | 25 May, 2016

    Dr Prabodh S Halde, President, AFST(I) MumbaiProf. Uday Annapure, HOD, ICT Mumbai Our body is made to digest and assimilate things which are available locally for you on r...Read more

  • Future foods – Are we ready?

    Opinion |  Column | By Milind Kokje | 0 Comment | 20 May, 2016

    Is cooking an art or chemistry? Marcel Boulestin, the first cook-turned-television star of late 1930s, resolved this dilemma when he categorically said, “Cooking is n...Read more

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