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  • Curcumin present in turmeric can help prevent a myriad of cancers

    Opinion |  News | By Dr. Saurabh Arora | 0 Comment | 04 Feb, 2020

    Turmeric has traditionally been known to possess countless benefits due to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It has been used traditionally in India and Chi...Read more

  • Alexa for Food Safety: Encouraging Young Minds to Eat Right

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Ashwin Bhadri | 0 Comment | 15 Jan, 2020

    Hoping to reach out to the generation that is most affected by unsafe food, FSSAI has joined hands with the internet giant Amazon India. Together they have launched ‘...Read more

  • Dairy brands falling into vicious pits of adulteration

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Samarth Setia, CEO & Co-Founder, Mr. Milkman | 0 Comment | 08 Jan, 2020

    When a child wakes up in the morning, the first thing he gets from his mother is a glassful of milk on the breakfast table. Milk is the answer to all the nutrition worries ...Read more

  • Put an appropriate fresh meat cut on plate

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Fabiola Mendes, Director, Bennet & Bernard Group | 0 Comment | 06 Jan, 2020

    Nutrition and what goes into making it has been so well researched today, that it allows for a great deal of clarity in its consumption and addresses myths of this world. F...Read more

  • The future of tea: trends and outlook

    Opinion |  Blog | 0 Comment | 31 Dec, 2019

    Mulled wine, orange pekoe, chocolate– it is very unusual for the quintessential Indian to associate their tea or chai with these flavors. Tea for most of us is still ...Read more

  • 65% of Indian non-veg diets deficient in protein

    Opinion |  Blog | 0 Comment | 27 Dec, 2019

    Proteins are important building blocks for muscles. Like fats and carbohydrates, protein is classified as a “macronutrient” as the body requires it in large (ma...Read more

  • The tricky business of nutrition labels

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Ashwin Bhadri | 0 Comment | 27 Dec, 2019

    Consuming any product without knowing exactly what it contains can be ‘dangerous’ in the long run. In extreme cases, immediately too. In a world run by misleadi...Read more

  • Ensuring cleanroom environment

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Samir Gandhi & Kartik Gandhi | 0 Comment | 29 Nov, 2019

    Cleanrooms are widely used in scientific research and manufacturing. They act as a place to minimize airborne contamination, while strictly controlling factors like tempera...Read more

  • Bridging the hunger gap with Food ATMs

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs | 0 Comment | 29 Nov, 2019

    Access to resources has always been entitled to a part of the population. While there has been a sharp hike in agricultural production, millions still go hungry to bed. Eve...Read more

  • Challenges Facing Indian Bakery Industry

    Opinion |  Blog | By Chef Balendra Singh | 0 Comment | 28 Nov, 2019

    The bakery industry in India is experiencing robust growth over nine percent according to a recent report. It is a huge industry, employing a large number of people. In fac...Read more

  • A balanced diet in childhood is insurance of lifetime

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 05 Sep, 2019

    According to 2018 Factsheet on Diet and Oral health by the World Health Organisation, an unhealthy diet and poor nutrition affect the teeth and growth of the jaws during de...Read more

  • Vitamin D or Sunshine Vitamin: How is it important for bones?

    Opinion |  Column | By Vipul Jain (CEO, Advancells) | 0 Comment | 21 Aug, 2019

    Vitamin D for Bones-It is no more a surprise that a vitamin deficiency can be fulfilled by just standing under natural sunlight? Yes the best way to counter widespread vita...Read more

  • Dairy Industry: A catalyst for boosting India's Agri-economy

    Opinion |  Opinion | By Samarth Setia | 0 Comment | 06 Aug, 2019

    India is the biggest player in the league when it comes to the dairy industry. Along with being the largest producer, the Indian dairy industry has also started exporting m...Read more

  • Consumers, Organisations demand Trans Fats elimination from all foods by 2022

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 01 Aug, 2019

    Trans fat, a toxic compound used in foods, clogs arteries, causing heart attacks and death. Worldwide, more than half a million deaths occur due to intake of industrially p...Read more

  • Antibiotic residues in milk put Indian iGen at risk

    Opinion |  News | 0 Comment | 24 Jul, 2019

    India, the second largest producer and consumer of dairy products in 2018, needs a regulatory body to create a framework for building an antibiotic resistance monitoring sy...Read more

  • Increasing demand for food Items to drive the global agrochemicals market

    Opinion |  Analysis | 0 Comment | 18 Jul, 2019

    Agrochemicals are substances that help in the management of agricultural ecosystems and micro-organisms in the farming area. The use of Agrochemicals is critical to raising...Read more

  • Best six food items to manage chronic kidney disease

    Opinion |  News | By Mr. Vipul Jain  | 0 Comment | 05 Jul, 2019

    Nutrition and diet play a significant role in managing kidney disorders. Although, it is a progressive disorder, and may lead to serious complications if not paid proper at...Read more

  • The Indian shrimp feed market to reach 1.8 million tons by 2024

    Opinion |  Analysis | 0 Comment | 02 Jul, 2019

    The Indian shrimp feed market reached a production volume of more than 1 Million Tons in 2018 Shrimp feed is produced in order to meet the nutritional requirements of farm...Read more

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