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Coca- Cola India plans $1.7 B investment

09 NOV,2017

NFS Correspondent

Coca-Cola India plans to invest $1.7 billion in India over the next five years as it creates a range of region-specific juice variants made from fruits native to the country.


The company is aiming to strengthen the local and regional value chain and drive demand for locally grown fruit across the country, as part of its Fruit Circular Economy initiative


Indian fruits such as guava, dasheri mango, kesar mango and sweet lemons will be sourced and processed under the company’s flagship juice brand Minute Maid.


Ras Ras mein India has been launched as a national marketing campaign to highlight the background and origin stories of these popular Indian fruits.


Earlier this year, Coca-Cola India launched a range of carbonated drinks called Kinley Flavors as it found itself increasingly at odds with cheaper local brands.


The company aims to use fruit products in four ways: enhance the portfolio of juices with fruits that are grown in various regions of India, add juice to sparkling products, create innovative new products with Indian fruits, and increase the share of Indian agri exports to the global Coca-Cola system.


Coca-Cola India has also introduced a line of frozen desserts called Minute Maid perfect fruit. Made from real fruit, the new offering has a consistency of an ice-cream and is dispensed from a customised machine.

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