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Guna Nutraceuticals launches a new line of supplements

14 Jun 2018

NFS Correspondent
Source: Public Domain Pictures

Guna, a global leader in the production and distribution of low-dose biological medicines, is continuing its expansion into the U.S. e-commerce marketplace, adding to its growing platforms of product availability.

Guna Nutraceuticals is a new, U.S.-based subsidiary of Guna, which was founded in 1983 in Milan, Italy, where the company is a leading producer and distributor of low-dose medicines.

 "We are excited to branch out with great products re-branded specifically for U.S. consumers," Guna President Alessandro Pizzoccaro said. " has its own built-in audience of health-conscious people, and we're proud to serve them."

Italians are first in the world when it comes to per capita spending on nutraceuticals. As Americans are embracing the healthy lifestyle, the supplements are a natural fit. Guna distributes its products to more than 30 countries worldwide, and employs more than 250 people. Its list of products has more than 70 FDA-approved and cutting-edge food supplements.

Guna Nutraceuticals is debuting seven products re-designed and re-packaged specifically for U.S. consumers: Gut Support, which supports gut health; Optimal Iron, which promotes iron absorption for the maintenance of normal hemoglobin levels; Integral Probiotics, which promotes a healthy digestive system; Omega Source, which helps maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and promotes normal blood pressure; Breathe Easy, which helps maintain a healthy nose, throat and respiratory tract; Proper pH Balance, which helps maintain healthy pH levels; and Brain Booster, which helps promote focus, clarity and memory while supporting healthy brain functions.

"We picked these seven products because they are our most popular – each one for a different reason," Pizzoccaro said. "For example, the iron and gut support supplements are reputable for their form in powder, great taste and action. People like the Integral Probiotics because it is a premium probiotic product — it is far superior to other products of its kind on the market."

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