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SNF@Workplace launched by FSSAI

16 MAY,2018

NFS Correspondent

With the alarming increase in obesity and NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases) like diabetes and hypertension, preventive healthcare is the need of the hour.


FSSAIs SNF@Workplace (safe and nutritious food at workplace) initiative was recently launched as an important milestone in this direction.


“SNF@Workplace” is a nation-wide campaign to help people eat safe and eat right while at work. Since the majority of our workforce consumes at least one meal during working hours, behavioural change at the workplace is critical.


The resource book for this initiative, ‘The Orange Book: Your Guide to Safe and Nutritious Food at the Workplace’ was launched on the occasion. This book highlights the role to be played by key stakeholders such as the administration, canteen establishment and the employees in ensuring safe and nutritious food in the workplace.


To create a self-propelling and sustainable ecosystem, a systematic framework of FSSAI-trained Resource Persons, Health & Wellness Coordinators and Food Safety Supervisors for every workplace has been enabled.


The SNF@School initiative was launched with the “Yellow Books” for schools. Under BHOG (Blissful Hygienic Offering to God), places of worship are trained to ensure food safety and hygiene standards are maintained in preparing their offerings and food.


The rich content available in these resource books is carefully developed and based on scientific evidence.


The ‘Pink Book’ has already gone viral on social media, and thousands of copies have been printed and disseminated widely as a part of CSR activities across the country. National Level Resource Persons have been trained who are reaching out to lakhs of households through nutrition clubs and direct sellers associations in a cascading model.


Similarly, the SNF@School programme has impacted 2,00,000 children with a coverage of over 2,000 schools across the country. To carry the message of healthy and safe eating, life-size mascots Master and Miss Sehat have been conceptualized.


These Health Mascots have already covered more than 8 cities, with over 400 activations touching 10,00,000 people directly or indirectly.


Now with SNF@Workplace initiative, FSSAI aims at recognizing and rewarding health-promoting workplaces.


A process would be developed to rate and certify the workplaces on the basis of a 15-point matrix. The evaluation would promote a holistic approach, going beyond the canteen/cafeteria, to look at the systematic efforts at promoting a healthy ecosystem at the workplace.


The evaluation criteria would therefore include canteen/cafeteria practices, and also the system in place to promote health and wellness. The matrix would cover regulatory and voluntary initiatives e.g. ensuring licensed vendors for the kitchen/canteen/caterer, personal hygiene of food handlers and safe food practices as per FSMS guidelines, display of Food Safety Display Boards in kitchens/canteens and having a trained and certified Food Safety Supervisor.


To promote employee awareness, some of the measure include an FSSAI trained Health and Wellness Coordinator, educating employees through resources such as The Orange Book, providing healthy food options, using fortified foods for cooking, promoting general health and wellbeing etc.

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