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Naturex collaborate with Milne on Research and Commercialization of Concord Grape Extracts

NFS Correspondent
Concord Grapes

Naturex’s Open Innovation Program Ingenium is continuing efforts to bring new science-based ingredients to market. Its latest initiative has led to the signing of a collaboration agreement with Milne Fruit Products, to jointly fund human clinical research utilizing Milne’s Concord grape aqueous extract. Concord grape (Vitis labrusca) is a north American fruit, whose unique grapes are rich in health-promoting polyphenols. Traditionally used in food and beverage applications, the Concord grape has lacked a corporate champion focused on the nutritional supplement market with the ability to significantly drive its global health message.
Naturex and Milne intend to lead this initiative and are currently seeking proposals from interested researchers targeting healthy ageing and quality of life with an emphasis on cognitive performance, digestive, metabolic, cardiovascular, or immune health.
“There has been some promising research on Concord grape to date, but most of the research is focused on the juice which may vary in its phytochemical composition and is not always convenient for consumers to take on a daily basis. Together with Milne, we intend to advance the clinical research on Concord grape by utilizing an extract which is standardized to high levels of polyphenols and can be taken in a low convenient dose,” said Dr. Emilie Fromentin, Naturex-DBS Director of Research and Development. 

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