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ISBT launches course for safe, high-quality delivery of fountain dispensed beverages

10 Oct 2018

NFS Correspondent
Beverage Dispenser

ISBT, a premier international technical society for the beverage industry with almost 700 members worldwide and its Retail Equipment Technical Committee has announced the launch of a significant new course to address current topical industry issues. This new offering addresses the protocols and procedures to ensure safe and high-quality delivery of fountain dispensed ice and beverages consumed by millions of consumers globally. The landmark educational effort is rightly titled “Sanitation for Fountain Beverages.”

As a global association, the International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) recognized that there was a lack of consistent cleaning protocols for beverage dispensing systems. This issue has been widely reported via various media sources. ISBT has published sanitation guidelines on their website, and this online course will further reinforce the importance of following sanitation protocols for fountain dispensing systems.

“This course is significant as it addresses an issue that has surfaced repeatedly throughout the beverage industry,” says Sally Potter, Director of Education, ISBT’s Beverage Institute. “For the first time, any organization dispensing fountain beverages, or even just using an ice bin, can now have industry recognized training available for personnel, especially at the point of purchase location.”

The lessons are targeted at personnel with ties to the food and beverage industry at large, whether it be a service technician, crew member or manager. Employees of all ranks at quick service restaurants, fine dining, fast casual restaurants, cafes, and convenience stores all fall within the target audience for this course as they use fountain beverage equipment daily.

“The course allows for a better understanding of sanitizing solution options, beverage dispenser cleaning, ice container cleaning, flushing syrup lines, and proper material handling,” says Larry Hobbs, ISBT Executive Director. “We have partnered with The Packaging School to host these courses on a cutting-edge online educational platform.”

The Packaging School platform allows individuals access to web-based Beverage Institute courses anywhere and anytime, meeting the needs of today’s fast-paced industry and supply-side around-the-clock operations.

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