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DuPont introduces new alternative for bakery products

10 OCT, 2018

NFS Correspondent

DuPont has introduced a new oxidative enzyme range for bakery product manufacturers, which serves as an alternative to ascorbic acid.


DuPont claims that enzymes in the Grindamyl Surebake range are the only hexose oxidase enzymes available which serve as an effective ascorbic acid substitute, as the ingredients serve as an effective dough strengthener.


The enzyme utilises many different sugar molecules as a substrate rather than just glucose alone, forming stronger bonds between the gluten molecules in the production process.


This leads to reduced dough stickiness, improved shape and dimensions of the final bread product, and increased bread volume during production.


According to DuPont, the new range serves as a more cost-effective oxidation solution to bakery product manufacturers, as the price of ascorbic acid continues to rise due in part to regulatory measures on environmental compliance and control in China.

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