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Tata Global Beverages restructures overseas operations

12 SEP,2018


Tata Global Beverages (TGBL) has combined its UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and CAA (Canada, Australia, and Americas) businesses into a single unit to streamline cost and operations.

The new unit will be called the International Business Division (IBD). Country heads from these key global markets will now report to the new unit’s head. The company’s chief marketing officer, Adil Ahmad, has been selected to lead the IBD team.

The IBD headquarters will be located in the UK. The company clarified these businesses had not been merged but it was only the management structure that had been reorganised.

"We are looking at simplifying our structure and driving decision-making ability, with an enhanced empowerment system to drive agility and accountability. Consequent to this, there will be a fair amount of cost efficiency as well," said Ajoy Misra, managing director and chief executive officer of TGBL."This restructure will help us better focus on core markets and better leverage growth opportunities."

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