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DSM introduces enzymatic solution to prevent acrylamide formation

11 JULY, 2018

NFS Correspondent

DSM has launched an enzymatic solution which is said to prevent the formation of acrylamide in high-pH applications such as corn chips, biscuits, and crackers.


Called PreventASe, the solution is suitable for a broad range of applications and optimised for higher-pH applications. It can reduce acrylamide in processed foods by up to 95 per cent. PreventASe and PreventASe XR are asparaginases that convert free asparagine present in many foods, thereby preventing the formation of acrylamide without impacting taste, texture or shelf life.


The global awareness about acrylamide is on the rise. Earlier this year, legislation was introduced in the European Union (EU) forcing manufacturers to regulate the amount of acrylamide in their products for the first time.


The EU has established benchmark levels of acrylamide for various food products, ranging from 350 micrograms (μg) of acrylamide per kilogram for biscuits and cookies to 750μg per kilogram for potato crisps and 850μg per kilogram for instant soluble coffee.


Acrylamide is a by-product of the cooking process used in the production of a variety of foods including baked, fried, roasted or toasted bread; snack products like potato chips; and some other products such as coffee.

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