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Bigbasket expands its RTE product portfolio

06 DEC,2017

NFS Correspondent

Expanding its ‘Ready to Eat’ (RTE) products portfolio, India’s largest online supermarket, bigbasket has launched a new category of RTE Salads and Single Serves for its customers in Bangalore under the Fresho brand.


The defining force behind these is the freshness of the fruits and vegetables as also the convenience of getting them in the cut form and that too on the go.  


The newly launched range in Fresho spanning across common and exotic fruits and vegetables includes - Mix Veg Regular Salad, Mix Veg Premium Salad, Cut Fruit Salad, and Mixed Fruit Premium Salad. These are available in quantities ranging from 230 grams to 350 grams. Fresho is one of the popular private labels of bigbasket.


Speaking about the launch, Vipul Mittal, bigbasket, said, “Everyone these days is looking for healthier and quicker food options. To meet this demand, we are happy to announce the launch of our Fresho Ready to Eat Salads and Single Serves. bigbasketeers can now choose from readily available fruits and vegetables already cut in the optimum quantity. About 20% of bigbasket's value comes from fruits and vegetables which is about three times higher than what a physical chain does. This new offering, while ensuring premium customer service, will also add to our revenue basket.”


Through its Farmer Connect Programme, bigbasket has helped increase the income of farmers by around 10% to 15%. The company has set up several collection centres (CC) across the country and is now sourcing 60% of its fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers thus, eliminating middlemen in the procurement process.



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