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One of the reasons for setting up National Livestock Mission (NLM) from scheme-mode to mission-mode is to provide the necessary flexibility to all States and Union Territories: Radha Mohan Singh

14 JUL,2017

NFS Correspondent

Radha Mohan Singh, Union Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister recently presided over the second General Council meeting of the National Livestock Mission (NLM).

He said Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries is implementing National Livestock Mission for sustainable development of Livestock Sector, especially for poultry, goats, sheep, pig, pack animals, etc.

He said, “NLM provides assistance to improve availability of quality feed and fodder, risk mitigation and extension, skill development and training for livestock sector including cattle and buffaloes. The livestock rearers and farmers, especially women, are unorganised, as these activities are primarily backyard in nature. However, rearing small ruminants, backyard poultry, pigs and other minor livestock offers tremendous opportunities for improving both nutritional and livelihood security of livestock rearers with specific scientific interventions”

“One of the reasons for setting up NLM from scheme-mode to mission-mode is to provide the necessary flexibility to all States and UTs in undertaking appropriate interventions suited to their conditions. Taking into account the overall requirement of the livestock sector, there is a need to augment resources for the sector and synergise activities through appropriate convergence, under the umbrella of NLM to supplement the efforts of the States and UTs to take care of the activities which cannot be accommodated within other ongoing schemes”

“All components under the NLM are made flexible and modular, looking into the needs of farmers and stake holders, and as per the geographical and regional requirements so that even the small and marginal farmers can also avail the benefits of the activities proposed under NLM. The distribution of resources and subsidies are also made equitable with considerations for APL, BPL beneficiaries and beneficiaries of North Eastern Region, Hilly, Left Wing Extremism areas so that the beneficiaries in more disadvantageous position get equitable benefits for sustainable livelihood”

The National livestock Mission is organised into the following four sub-Missions:

i. Sub-Mission on Livestock Development

ii. Sub-Mission on Pig Development in North-eastern Region

iii. Sub-Mission on Fodder and Feed Development

iv. Sub-Mission on Skill Development, Technology Transfer and Extension


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