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Sri Lankan dairy industry urges collaborations

06 JUN,2018

NFS Correspondent

The All Island Dairy Association (AIDA) recently organized a seminar on Challenges in Meeting Emerging Trends in the Dairy Industry recently at the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka. AIDA representing a wide range of dairy industry stakeholders such as milk producers, processors, importers, and service and input providers organized this seminar with the main objective of discussing emerging trends in dairy industry, educating businesses in the dairy industry on new regulations pertaining to dairy products and agreeing on a way forward to face these challenges.


The discussion covered key topics such as the main issues facing the sector, current barriers to meeting the local industry’s potential, and how the government and industry needs to collaborate to overcome these barriers. In addition to the challenges of the local dairy industry, the seminar also focused on the importance of dairy nutrition as part of a balanced diet.


The discourse on the nutrition in dairy also addressed the need for dairy products with little or no added sugar, another key focus for the industry currently. The industry’s commitment to continuously reducing sugar levels in products was reiterated, albeit through a gradual process considering consumers’ needs and taste palettes.

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