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Lawyer urges FSSAI to regulate food, beverage prices inside multiplexes

09 APR,2018

NFS correspondent

A city-based advocate Pankaj Chandgothia has written to deputy commissioner-cum-chairman of consumer protection council regarding control of exorbitantly high food and beverage prices in city’s cinema halls, both in single-screens and multiplexes, FSSAI markings and approvals on food products sold there and the unauthorized restrictions on cinema-goers in the city.

A representation in this regard had already been filed twice earlier by another advocate Ajay Jagga, who is also a member of the consumer protection council.

In the recent representation, Chandgothia has requested for a policy to regulate prices of food and beverages in cinema halls.

“Cinema halls or multiplexes in the city are selling food and drinks at exorbitant prices. The cinema-goers are not even allowed to carry their own refreshments, not even water, inside the premises. By this, they force the movie-goer to buy refreshments from inside at high prices. The customers do not have any choice and the vendors use their monopoly to exploit the customers. The Chandigarh consumer protection council is the appropriate body to take corrective action in this regard. The mutiplexes function on the basis of licence issued by the district magistrate and the ticket prices are also subject to regulation and approval. Therefore, all the activities and sales at the licensed premises should be regulated especially with regard to price and quality,” said Pankaj Chandgothia.

In his representation he shared noting that the cost of food and water inside multiplexes was exorbitant, the Bombay high court on Thursday had opined that the refreshments should be sold at regular prices. In response, the Maharashtra government told the court that it would soon frame a policy on the issue.

Stating this, he appealed to the DC to take corrective actions like this. Being the district magistrate, he is the authority who grants licence to cinema halls to operate and can impose lawful conditions on the conduct of these organisations, Chandgothia said.

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