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FSSAI releases guidelines for recalls

29 NOV,2017 | New Delhi

NFS Correspondent

Guidelines have been released by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) for food companies to implement and develop food recall plans.


FSSAI has stated that the primary responsibility of implementing any recall lies with the food companies. If the recall is related to serious defects in the manufacturing process, FSSAI could also review the licence of the food company.


The purpose of the guidelines is to give an overview on how to develop and implement a recall plan. The food companies would need to follow a 10-step plan. This includes assembling a recall management team, giving detailed information on products being recalled to the regulator, informing consumers and others stakeholders within the food chain, distribution chain among others.


The guidelines also state that food companies need to ensure they give regular status updates on the implementation of the recall plans to the FSSAI at least weekly.


The food companies should ensure compliance with recall procedures at various stages, which includes follow-up checks to ensure that the recall is successful and subsequent batches are safe for consumption.

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