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APEDA develops Hortinet app for farm registration

04 SEP,2017 | New Delhi

NFS Correspondent

The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) has developed Hortinet, an integrated traceability system, to provide Internet-based electronic services to the stakeholders for facilitating farm registration, testing and certification of grapes, pomegranates and vegetables for export from India to the European Union (EU) in compliance with standards.


To harness the potential of mobile technology, APEDA has developed a mobile app to allow farmers to apply online to facilitate their farm registration, tracking the status of application and approvals by the state government and lab sampling by authorised laboratories. This mobile app initiative is expected to increase the accessibility and reach of the traceability software system among the farmers and other stakeholders.


This new mobile app will also assist the state horticulture or agriculture department to capture the real-time details of farmers, farm locations, products and details of inspections, like the date of inspection and the name of the person inspecting directly from the field. After the registration and approval of the farm, the farmer gets approval information.


The app would be launched in Hindi and Marathi, apart from English, so that it would be user-friendly.

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