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TSRTC planning to change food menu at canteens

04 JAN,2017 | Telangana

NFS Correspondent
TSRTC planning to change food menu at canteens

Following the complaints against low-quality food and lack of maintenance at its eateries, The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) has decided to clean up the canteens at bus station.

According to senior officials in the TSRTC, there are 350 bus stations in the State and the canteen facility is available only at five major and 125 other stations. Quality food should be served to the passengers who are travelling in the RTC buses and also the visitors to the bus stations.

In a report given by the committee to the TSRTC, certain set of recommendations and corrective measures have been mentioned to improve the quality of the food. The committee had recommended that the canteen owners should be members of the Hoteliers’ Association. The committee also wanted the officials to have regular check on the canteens to ensure they serve good-quality food to customers. The canteen licence would now be given only to the person who is a member in the local hoteliers’ association. The canteen owners were asked to maintain the good ambience for the visitors.

In order to provide good-quality food, TSRTC also started ‘Meals on Board’ facility for the passengers. The passengers were provided branded food on booking over phone and the food was delivered in the bus before or during the journey. However, this could not get the desired results as there was no provision for eating the food inside the buses like in the case of trains.

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